Our Approach
The Concept
Amplio was born out of the idea that automated digital labour need not be the preserve of large multi-nationals with sizeable budget – with our unique approach the technology can be accessible to any organisation which has employees.

The time for small to midsized organisations to unlock scalable efficiencies, that can be realised through the targeted application of digital labour is now - with the proven Amplio approach, you can effectively ‘design your own employee’ to include all the attributes of a top performers with few of the downsides.

Onboarding digital labour takes a fraction of the time than traditional human recruitment methods and provides much greater certainty of performance. Couple this with the low investment capital requirements for a single intervention that outperforms multiple FTE, will yield a fast ROI.
What we do

Democratising Automation

We make organisations faster in responding to their market through freeing up cognitive capacity of their workforce​
We increase the accuracy of transactional processing. Robots don’t make mistakes or lose focus​
We bolster resilience by providing remotely accessible digital labour with zero employee turnover rate​
We improve operational efficiencies by increasing and maintaining processing productivity ​
We provide scalability and responsiveness to increasing demand and vice versa. Robots can be ​cloned or deactivated​
The net effect of these benefits lead to a greater competitive advantage which manifests itself in enhanced margins
Your Automation Journey

Start Now

1 Day Fast Start - a quick assessment undertaken by a process automation expert with certain limited detail of the process to understand automation viability.  If the process is on fire, a rapid deployment route can be taken.
1 Day Ideation Workshop - A strategic targeting workshop facilitated to discover and appraise potential opportunities within the organisation., can focus either from operating, functional or departmental level.
1-4 week Bespoke Health Check - A study centred around maturity of existing automation practice, focused on 6 key areas: People, Process, Infrastructure, Systems, Governance, Strategy
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Automation is now a business imperative...

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